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Skylark Aviation Expert is the result of a desire to create air transport solutions based on the highest level of expertise and with a strong focus on sustainable best practices. We approach the needs of air transport to professionals and we assist companies and individuals willing to take full advantage of aircraft or helicopter charter solutions.

Fueled by commitment and dedication, our consultants have built up unique expertise and a comprehensive network of key players within the aviation industry, our DNA lies in the development of complex aviation projects in challenging environments. At Skylark Aviation Expert, we believe in the inclusive values of air travel as commercial aviation has strongly improved the way people connect with each other. We must preserve the right to access safe and reliable air travel while our industry keeps in track with its social responsibility.

Our Expertise

The best market rates, quality, comfort and travel experience

You’ll find a more fluid air shuttle experience, with rentable and efficient solutions, that includes from a flight commercial booking (CTA), till load charter flights. Thanks to our capacity to adapt and our flexibility of charter flights, we can easily organize smooth flight connections offering to every client a customized experience.
Focus on the purpose of your trip, and we will take care of the rest.

Confort, safety, speed, quality, plane and crew innovation.


Focus on the purpose of your trip, and we’ll take care of the rest.
Hiring a business jet, (or a helicopter) is undoubtedly the best way to optimize your time when traveling. Whether you are a corporate executive, a top-level sports team leader, or a representative of a government organization, you essentially design your business trip with efficiency in mind. On a weekend with family or friends, you also want to make the most of your free time. For many reasons, you have considered experiencing the comfort of travel solutions involving private jet charter.


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